Ischia and Procida tour

The rib, the best way to have a direct contact with the sea;
the islands tour is the most comprehensive, in one day you will be charmed by magical places: the natural spa, wonderful views,dive into the history of the castles of the ancient reign of Aragona and the fortresses above the sea.

Let the journey begins

9:00 briefing at Pozzuoli/Nisida’s harbor, departure is set at 9:20.

Kissed by the sun

10:05 arrival at the Sorgeto’s bay (Ischia) for a swim into the termal waters.


11:30 back to the boat, heading to the fishermen’s harbor of Sant’Angelo, walk.


12:45, we are heading to the Corricella bay (Procida) for a packed lunch or a restaurant one, passing by the suggestive Aragonese’s Castle, expected arrival at Corricella at 13:30.

Back home

16:00 on board, fruit tray in the middle of the sea and back to the harbor.

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